At Longview, diversity, equity and inclusion are critical components in the creation of a trusting and committed workplace, which we believe is fundamental to safeguarding our culture. Longview has always been an equal opportunity employer and is a strong advocate of diversity in its broadest terms.

A few examples of how we approach diversity, equity and inclusion at Longview:

  • We seek to hire individuals who bring varied perspectives and experiences to Longview.  We value difference as we believe it enhances debate and leads to high-quality decision-making within our investment team and across the wider organisation
  • We know that cognitive diversity has the potential to broaden innovation and creative thinking by leveraging different skill sets which helps us achieve better results for our clients
  • We believe that we can only successfully serve our purpose if we attract, develop and retain the right people.  We can only do this by providing a diverse and inclusive environment for all.

″We believe that differences bring alternative ideas, perspectives and concepts to discussions, and that only with empathy can you attempt to understand each other’s perspectives.″

MARINA LUND CEO and Head of Institutional Clients, Partner

Embedding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Longview

Longview maintains an inclusive environment for the benefit of all employees. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee was created as a forum for discussion of DEI matters across Longview and the broader industry. The Committee aims to promote DEI best practices and sets ongoing firm-wide objectives for improvement.

Longview also directly engages with portfolio companies to seek increased workforce disclosure and gather information on the diversification efforts of those management teams. For more information on our thematic engagement, click here.

The Committee is also focused on the following initiatives and partnerships: