We seek to consistently generate long-term alpha by investing in a concentrated portfolio of global equities. We believe in:

  • Quality – High quality businesses can predictably compound value over time, delivering superior long-term shareholder returns. We avoid companies highly exposed to exogenous factors.
  • Valuation – Investing with a margin of safety reduces the risk of overpaying for the shares of a company.
  • Long-Term – Acting as owners and focusing on what is important over the long-term allows us to maintain perspective and take advantage of market opportunities.
  • Concentration – A concentrated portfolio with high active share is an optimal portfolio structure to deliver added value.
  • Stock Selection – We believe that fundamental, bottom-up stock selection rather than portfolio management should drive portfolio returns.
  • Objectivity – A collaborative team-based approach implementing a disciplined investment process drives objectivity and ensures consistency in decision making.

Our investment philosophy has been in place since the inception of Longview Partners in 2001.