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Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is focused on owning a concentrated number of holdings, each with an absolute return objective.

Our highly experienced team of generalist research analysts invest globally on a bottom-up basis. We do not decide which geography or sector we would like to invest in; rather we pick stocks based on the company’s potential.

We seek to invest only in quality companies, with improving business fundamentals and attractive cash-based valuations. We aim to use available information and interpret it in a logical and objective manner.
We strive for predictability in our investments. We avoid investing in companies that are overly influenced by external forces beyond their control, such as macro factors.

Diversification is key. We believe one of the greatest tools for the management of performance risk is adequate diversification. The only way to adequately ensure true diversification is to consider the commonality of the business risks across all holdings in our portfolio.

We believe we are able to consistently add value by remaining true to our investment philosophy through all market environments. The holdings in our portfolio may change, but the implementation of our philosophy and process is always consistent.